How to get more replies in 2018

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How to get more replies in 2018

Postby wreak » 15 September 2018, 02:57

Step 1: Create a topic

Step 2: Make a post on x d-realwar map

Step 3: Submit

After you finish step 3, repeat all the steps and you should get a lot of replies and views on your topics. Don't worry about people saying you always complain, popularity is the only thing that matters. Hurry before this topic gets locked/deleted

time to get banned!
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Re: How to get more replies in 2018

Postby Civil-Lite » 16 September 2018, 22:09

You know what, this just made my day. Hopefully it will save people from asking how to make a forum post before they come over and see this step by step guide anytime soon. Good job.
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Re: How to get more replies in 2018

Postby Neutral » 19 September 2018, 20:43

After reading this, I feel more guilty now because my friend and I are responsible for getting x d-realwar approved. We used to play the heck out of this map. And because of this, x d-realwar saw rise in popularity and finally Eric Gurt approved it.
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Re: How to get more replies in 2018

Postby Incompetence » 19 September 2018, 23:26

good, but you messed up on one thing. it has to be an approval removal request so you can get more of those sweet replies quicker. anything else isn't good enough
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Re: How to get more replies in 2018

Postby mrblake213 » 22 September 2018, 07:48

noice very noice
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