Sniper, Revolver+ Dusted revolver

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Sniper, Revolver+ Dusted revolver

Postby Mr jaks nes » 13 September 2018, 21:44

Sniper: --
Revolver: --
Dusted Verision of revolver: --
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Re: Sniper, Revolver+ Dusted revolver

Postby Kostadin 8 » 14 September 2018, 03:13

reolver and dusted version dont look like pb2 stuff at all, the sniper does a little but not close enough
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Kostadin 8
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Re: Sniper, Revolver+ Dusted revolver

Postby phsc » 14 September 2018, 03:34

the sniper is an assault rifle
and the revolvers are like 3d in one side and 2d in the other, great
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Re: Sniper, Revolver+ Dusted revolver

Postby LazyRain » 14 September 2018, 08:33

These weapons are better than your previous art, but still don't fit the PB style. However the first revolver is close enough to the style. The sniper rifle has small details and lines that do not match with the thickness of outer lines of the weapon.
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Re: Sniper, Revolver+ Dusted revolver

Postby eru_ » 14 September 2018, 08:39

Nice arts I'd like to see revolvers in 2.5 but the sniper doesn't look cool enough and its a rifle round sniper so make a larger caliber
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