[TUTORIAL] How to change player's scale (very simple)

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[TUTORIAL] How to change player's scale (very simple)

Postby eru_ » 4 September 2018, 08:58

If you're looking to change the scale of a player you need to :
1)Create a timer
2)Create a trigger
3)Create a character
4)change timer delay to "0"
5) link timer with trigger
6)Create an event "Set variable A to value B "
Type in A : ee (or any name you want)
Type in B : 0.5 (For half scale) or 2 (for double scale) etc...
7)Create an event " Set character A scale value to Variable B
Choose the character you want you want
Then type ee (the last variable name you(ve typed)
Now enjoy :D
Or watch this video :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIw8N6H ... e=youtu.be
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Re: [TUTORIAL] How to change player's scale (very simple)

Postby Oriental » 7 September 2018, 19:23

Im glad this game still update. Very
Cool update now i can make a bossfight
Fighting a Giant guy very exciting update :O
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Re: [TUTORIAL] How to change player's scale (very simple)

Postby Resi » 8 September 2018, 20:39

Idk why you're calling them events instead of trigger actions but anyway you don't really need to use variables for this.

If the map creator would add a word in dialogue like "Fee" then it would display as "F0.5", and making it work with variables is unecessary.

But it's an ok thread I guess...
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