Glitched lite hero

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Glitched lite hero

Postby jeje52 » 26 August 2018, 21:35

If you place a character and change it's skin to Lite Hero 1-9 using a trigger, the character will glitch. If you kill the character in singleplayer, guns will be frozen, your health will not change and if you die, you don't lose, just die. If you kill the character in multiplayer, guns will be frozen and the game may crash. The characters swords freeze the game, and if glitched enemy characters see you, they freeze your view. Very weird

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Re: Glitched lite hero

Postby Eric Gurt » 26 August 2018, 22:30

It was caused by the lack of sword object in these skins (in game's logic they work as helmet containers only, even if creation of character with these skins will result into proper skin combination spawned). Thing is, some of triggers do not carry all the extra logic needed. If you want to use custom helmets - it is best to change head model only.

Bug is fixed, at least it does not cause game to crash nor causes freezing. These skins by default will have black swords as well.
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