a random etude

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a random etude

Postby phsc » 11 August 2018, 01:20

well hi im not a user from this forum anymore and i dont realy play the game but who cares
i need the opinion of the masses in this thing
anyway i like music, so i got deep into it, and found out that classical music is the shit, then i learned a ton of things and decided id make a etude, which is just for testing out things/practicing, and in this case its for piano
its bipolar because of the way it shifts from minor to major, which is kinda simple, anyway, its pretty small, but its for testing out things
anyway this is sad that im posting this here but listen to it and tell me if it sucks or smth and if u like guitar solos look at my other stuff

tldr: this is sad, i need the opinion from people who dont listen to classical music or any kind of complex music at all

bye guys
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Re: a random etude

Postby lostmydollar » 11 August 2018, 12:20

Dude you're like Beethoven or something. Great job!
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