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The Subscribe Button

Postby Minilion » 18 July 2018, 10:33

This button will help alot for some players. An example, when i find a good and nice level developer and i want to play all his new maps but i alaways should check his profile to see is an map published and i get idea for subscribe button.

It will works like when someone press it and subscribe to profile, he will get notification in inbox when user publish a new map. This could make Plazma Burst become a like "social" game and website. I think this should work :)

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Re: The Subscribe Button

Postby GiraRay » 2 December 2018, 20:19

This might actually be a pretty good idea to encourage map making.
I believe that implementing a subscription feature to the PB2 website would make players compete for subscribers and attention. This would add competition to the PB2 mapping community and people would thrive to make better and better maps. I think it might even increase the player activity in PB2, singleplayer and multiplayer.
The only thing I'm afraid of is that this *might* increase the toxicity of the PB2 community, although I'm not sure.

With all of this said, I recommend there to be ABSOLUTELY NO SUBSCRIPTION-BASED TRIGGER ACTIONS. You should not be able to offer exclusive advantages to subscribers within your map.

As an addition, I think you should have the ability to manually notify your subscribers with map updates and releases, recommendations or other, instead of it happening manually (for example, you wouldn't to notify people about a tiny hotfix in your map.)
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Re: The Subscribe Button

Postby eru_ » 4 December 2018, 11:46

I agree , it can be a cool idea
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