What are the Game modification settings?

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What are the Game modification settings?

Postby sean l » 10 July 2018, 06:05

I have seen the Game Modification setting present in literally every case where I created a new match or server. for the longest time I passed it off as merely a gimmik, but now there is a problem due to an overabundance of approved warfare theme maps (many gun slots used, unlike maps such as stryde-sniper) and a lack of approved, say, shotgun and raygun maps. what are the specifics to gameplay modifications. I'm well aware that "No Weapons" is an option, but that's about the only one i know of.
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Re: What are the Game modification settings?

Postby phsc » 10 July 2018, 15:09

the only time MLG COOL DOMINIK said something useful, he gets ignored
please, search in the forum next time u have a question
if someone is reading this DONT ressurect ekat again thanks
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