Delay when editing levels

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Delay when editing levels

Postby xzyop » 9 July 2018, 00:33

For some reason in the level editor, whenever I place, select, or finish resizing a face of an object, the page sleeps for a few seconds. It depends on how many objects there are. When I work on xzyop-saw, the delay is more than 5-7 seconds. It's really annoying and makes it take longer to edit it.

Also, when i pick a trigger action, it lags for one second (on xzyop-saw). I don't know why this happens. (Maybe because of the outline?)

EDIT: it also happens when i de-select an object

EDIT: it becomes more laggy when i place more objects
i like coding. i kind of wish (like Roblox), you could write ActionScript code instead of using triggers. I don't know ActionScript, but it is the programming language used to script Flash games, so I guess I'll suggest that.
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