Character selection For campgain (Reup)

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Character selection For campgain (Reup)

Postby Mr Chernobyl » 1 July 2018, 10:20

The title says it all!
Would that work out? Lets say it would be an unlockable option once you complete 41st level on any difficulty?
(Yes I am aware that there are the hero models, but I am just wondering would other work out?)
(Why did I Reupload this from a ''diffrent user''? Well that user is my Old account actually. I just prefer using this one. :P )

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Re: Character selection For campgain (Reup)

Postby MLG COOL DOMINIK » 8 July 2018, 16:30

What about choosing a name exactly like a charcter on the start screen and in campaign you will become that character?
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