Control Points Gamemode tutorial + template

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Control Points Gamemode tutorial + template

Postby mister mayhem » 14 June 2018, 22:49

This guide is for integrating the control points gamemode onto your own map. ( You should save your map as a different copy first) Just copy-paste the template onto your map, and follow the instructions below.

Template is here : ... &id=891874

1. Kill regions - stretch them out so they cover the entire map, including the time out zone. They are used to kill the losing team when they run out of tickets so the match could reset.

2. Control points. Move them to where ever you like on your map.

3. Team spawn regions. This is where the teams are teleported to when the match begins. Move the regions to the red / blue spawn points

4. Team time out regions. Players are teleported to their team's time out region when the lose a certain amount of health. (default is 150) After 7 seconds they are teleported back to spawn. Make a time out room ( like a lounge or something, I dunno ) and move the regions here.

5. The ugly stuff that makes everything works. Just move it aside where they won't get in the way.

6. I didn't include guns, so you're going to have to add your own.

Lastly, on your map page, set the game mode to Multiplayer cooperative. When you start matches, be sure it is set to COOP. This template is not made to work in any other mode.

Occasionally I will update the template, so check back here every so often.

How do I...?
I'll work on this section later. I will tell you how to change player health, respawn times, capture times and all the good stuff.

Known issues:
Players joining mid-match will spawn without weapons.
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Re: Control Points Gamemode tutorial + template

Postby stormforce » 14 June 2018, 23:09

Nice! This looks great! This definitely has potential
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