Control Points - Terminal [4v4 COOP]

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Control Points - Terminal [4v4 COOP]

Postby mister mayhem » 14 June 2018, 22:12

Map name: Control Points - Terminal
Map ID: mister mayhem-ctp_terminal
Map Page Link: ... p_terminal
Map Demo Link: ... p_terminal

Play in COOP mode

A 4v4 control points game. The first team to deplete the opponent's tickets wins. There are 3 points located around the map. You have to stand on them for 7 seconds to capture it.

The number of tickets you drain depends on how many points your team has captured.
1 capture - 5 tickets
2 captures - 8 tickets
3 captures - 9 tickets

In this map you can't die ( until you lose, that is ). When you lose 150 health, you are sent to the timeout room for 7 seconds. After that you are brought back to spawn with full health.

If you're interested in making your own control points map, I've posted a tutorial and template here:

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