World iV [free dowloand]

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World iV [free dowloand]

Postby poen » 11 June 2018, 20:10

Map name: World iV EP01
Map ID: poen-act1-1
Map Page Link:
Map Demo Link:
Brief Description: The development of the map lasted quite a long time (2 months) because of my constant employment. If you want to wait for the continuation of the story, you will have to wait about the same time.
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Re: World iV [free dowloand]

Postby phsc » 26 June 2018, 00:16

great dowloand! i really like your picture, it looks like me irl
anyway, great map, great history, the most worth 2 months of your life, also really understood the concept behind the title, but ok, indeed, keep making them, i did realy enjoy
but for real, why montain dew when you have bud light?
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Re: World iV [free dowloand]

Postby Druddigon » 26 June 2018, 20:31

Sorry to be a grammar nazi, but you spelled download wrong.

The map looks pretty good otherwise, from a first look.
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