Problems publishing images in a post

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Problems publishing images in a post

Postby Niglet » 8 June 2018, 20:39

Hi. today I would like you to tell me how I can publish an image in a post, please, I really need to help me solve this problem !! I tried several times and all the time I went wrong. If you can help me, please tell me how the images are actually published in a post.
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Re: Problems publishing images in a post

Postby ditzy » 9 June 2018, 03:21

You need to upload the image to an image-hosting site first. is a good site for doing so. When the image has been posted, you can get a share link and select the BBcode(Used for forums) option. This will give you an image address link that you can simply copy and paste onto a forum post.
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Re: Problems publishing images in a post

Postby mrblake213 » 9 June 2018, 03:22

Use the image code which is

Since Lightshot doesn't work with it. I upload it on and it should work.
You should have something like this.

Don't forget to add the .png at the end.
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