Why so much insults

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Re: Why so much insults

Postby JayaRaya » 14 June 2018, 18:03

Welcome to the world of Internet (Online), a place where majority (not all..) people, especially young teenagers & immature kids, are either lack of respect, lack of manners, lack of patience, & many more.

- Some are freely insults & cuss others without even care the consequances of their actions, which a possibility resulted them being a rude person (Not care towards other people's characters and feelings).

- While some too much complain & quickly losing temper which resulted more hate & negative emotions that a possibility causing them being a very sensitive person (Over-offended / Can get offended or triggered so easily).

But stay being grateful, there are more toxic community than this (as far as i know). And in Real-life, some people can be even harsher & hateful towards you than in this flash game community.

I advice you one thing, like what i always says towards any sensitive / young person that still had "Un-stable" emotions. And that is "Patience"

Learn to be patience, its one of the ways that will makes you "Immune" towards any pointless mere insults in the internet.

~ Regards
Peace to you all. Aamiin (Amen) :)
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Re: Why so much insults

Postby TerminatorRex » 21 June 2018, 11:22

GZ55 wrote:Anonymity sometimes brings out the worst in people. Remember that they insult you only because they can! :]

this is only psuedo anonymity
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Re: Why so much insults

Postby shadowstorm122 » 29 June 2018, 14:10

tfw u go on a gaming community and expect to not be insulted
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Re: Why so much insults

Postby phsc » 7 July 2018, 02:33

you should call your parents to monitor what you look in the web, please
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