Campaign improvements for PB2!

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Campaign improvements for PB2!

Postby TerminatorRex » 12 February 2018, 23:04

Why hasn't anything been done with the campaign in the past few updates? I believe it could be improved in some places

1) The wide teleport, as the name suggests, is just a much wider version of the teleporter. It doesn't seem like much of a time machine and is underwhelming in my opinion when you finally reach it, so it should be replaced with this instead:

Other decor could also be used, the new pillars, mined crate or the wall lamps maybe.

I still have an idea for the wide teleporter in pb 2.5 especially. Maybe it could be used for teleporting large vehicles or as interplanetary teleportation (as the smaller teleporters might not work at such a long range)

2) More of the new guns could be used such as the alien sniper rifle (but not weapons like needle or phanx which don't really fit with any of the faction's themes):

They don't necessarily have to be available to the player for pickup, but it feels that there is little variety among alien weapons compared with the civil security weapons. Apparently this is because most of the alien weapons are "incompatible with Earth's environment" as said in the lore questions thread.

The autocannon could replace the tiny drone gun in the buggy now. It looks similar to the buggy gun in Pb:FttP anyway, maybe salvaged/reconstructed with new parts?

The c01-r guns in level 40 could be replaced with one of the falkonian weapons. While the falkoks use the c01-r weapons in the first game, it would make more sense for them to use their own weapons (also puts the new guns to use). The marine can buy the c01-r in the shop at any time so currently this isn't much of a find, on the other hand if they are replaced with falkonian weapons are it would give the player something new to play with, sort of like a "reward" for finding the crashed ship

3) Expanding some of the current levels, or maybe adding new ones. If not new levels somewhere in the middle of the campaign then maybe extra bonus levels at the end such as level 42. The new characters and guns could see some action, maybe even a level featuring falkoks fighting the human security force and grubs using the ray rifle (the marine fighting the falkok base in FttP could have broken the "peace terms" between humanity and the falkoks etc). Maybe a new level featuring vehicles entirely such as the buggy with the autocannon present too.
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Re: Campaign improvements for PB2!

Postby mAADH » 10 October 2018, 13:02

Indeed.This would improve the campaign and the feel of it a lot.Also,I think the Usurpations should use the Usurpatioon sniper rifle as a replacement for the heavy railgun.Also,I think they should start using the Heater rifles as well.The Heater 1 would be for Minor and Major Usurpation soldiers and also Destroyers sometimes,while the Heater 2 should be used by the Advanced Usurpation soldiers.Also,there is the Energy Rifle,which looks like an usurpation weapon,so it should replace the Lite Railgun in the campaign when being used by Usurpations.
All in all,and excellent idea! :D

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Re: Campaign improvements for PB2!

Postby Resi » 13 October 2018, 00:11

I completely agree. For the extra levels Eric could add his DM0 Survival map but I think that one broke at some point.
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