Android railgun?

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Android railgun?

Postby darkstar 1 » 16 April 2017, 23:09

Yeah, I know, not much colour like always :P

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Small railgun for androids. Tried to make it in android-ish colours. The white thing at the bottom is a battery. Sights can be attached to on the top of it.

- Shoots projectiles at high speed.
- Power: High
- Accuracy: Medium
- Range: High
- Amount of projectiles per shot: 1
- Reload time: 3 seconds or more

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Re: Android railgun?

Postby o_Sniper_o » 17 April 2017, 00:22

It's lacking colour, and the stock is a bit short but that's not really out of the ordinary.

I like it.
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Re: Android railgun?

Postby eru_ » 21 April 2017, 18:51

The Gun looks intrsting but the sock looks simple
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Re: Android railgun?

Postby Civil-Lite » 27 April 2017, 16:39

When I saw "Android Railgun", some reason I thought at first it would be like a major remake of the Heavy Railgun. Then I come here and see what you actually made for it to look like. But really, that looks pretty sick and well made too! Me likes!
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Re: Android railgun?

Postby Ahrora » 29 April 2017, 03:28

The Android railgun drawing is, without a dought one of the best drawings i've seen.
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Re: Android railgun?

Postby WolfMaster12 » 29 April 2017, 20:12

Looks nice. Lacks colour though. Could you also give me the pic of the original sights for it?
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Re: Android railgun?

Postby GhostX5 » 1 May 2017, 23:31

That is very awesome, it reminds me of the FN F2000. Yet it's a better version of it. I like this gun.
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Re: Android railgun?

Postby wreak » 24 June 2017, 16:21

Looks incredible. I think it's missing some red color though.
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Re: Android railgun?

Postby tehswordninja » 25 June 2017, 17:11

I like it, though the stock should be expanded. I also think it would look interesting with that generic blue railgun "energy" that you see in the lite and heavy railguns.
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Re: Android railgun?

Postby Starwars7 » 27 June 2017, 13:10

Looks good, but maybe add some of the small colored lights that appear on some of the guns that already exist in the game.

tehswordninja wrote:I like it, though the stock should be expanded. I also think it would look interesting with that generic blue railgun "energy" that you see in the lite and heavy railguns.

A few people are saying it needs some red, being an android-themed gun. How about red railgun projectiles?
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Re: Android railgun?

Postby lrv » 11 July 2017, 09:20

This is a great railgun! I hope it gets introduced into the Pb2 game at some point.
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Re: Android railgun?

Postby oddgolf » 15 July 2017, 11:26

do a gif of the railgun shooting.

yeah of course it lacks color.. but pretty simple so it's nice.
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Re: Android railgun?

Postby Missak » 18 July 2017, 11:26

Maybe this could be an Android Coilgun instead, it sort of fits it in my opinion.
I like how you made it PB2'ish even though it doesn't have much colours - lol - but still, it looks simple and apt to be in the game :)
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Re: Android railgun?

Postby Savxir » 18 July 2017, 18:36

I like it. More detail though, it looks like a piece of paper with little dimension.
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Re: Android railgun?

Postby Bear855 » 11 October 2018, 13:10

Should it have color? I like all of these

Spoiler: Show More
Lite Rail - good
Heavy Rail - good

Fan Art Rail - good

Spoiler: Show More

Design of these guns like one thing
P.S fan art gun is most big
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Re: Android railgun?

Postby boom5 » 14 October 2018, 04:46

Instead of it being a railgun how about a CP rifle re skin.
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