How to kill campers!

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Re: How to kill campers!

Postby phsc » 10 July 2018, 15:12

so this post was made 2018 but that dude just ignored it, ok then, so what is a smurf, its some high skill dude who makes an account to play with noobs, is there such thing in pb2? no, maybe as guest, but still, unranked is a bunch of noobs, a high skilled player has no reason to make another account just for unranked and fun, most of the ones that make multiple accs use the new ones for ranked to get another objective in pb2, as getting into top 100 multiple times, as the things u have in ur acc saying u were like top 1 diamond legend i dont remember the exact ranks tho dont stack
also camping isnt a thing only noobs do, a lot of "high skilled" players camp, id say the majority even, as it gives them a unfair advantage that can give easy kills, even tho its boring and lame
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