A Mini Manual for the PB2 MapMaker!

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Re: A Mini Manual for the PB2 MapMaker!

Postby artichokecat » 5 November 2015, 04:53

I can answer no 2
(Because I did this with a Ghost in one of my maps to piss people off)

Just set the enemy to a team not red or blue (or whatever the two teams for your map is on COOP)
Idk about DM and TDM tho
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Re: A Mini Manual for the PB2 MapMaker!

Postby Charlie 5 Lives » 5 November 2015, 06:19


First of, make sure that the player who is on Team A stays in Team A when the round starts. This can be done with a Timer having a value of 0 connected to a trigger that makes sure Player 1 stays in Team A.

When Player 1 dies, it must activate a trigger upon death, which will activate another timer that'll revive the player's current and max HP. This will also change the team with the trigger "Character > Change team of player 'A' to team 'B' ". I will make an open-source map file for this to help, @ugive10k. I'll post it here when I can.
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Re: A Mini Manual for the PB2 MapMaker!

Postby ugive10k » 18 November 2015, 20:16

I figured out how to make a gun that builds a prison at the cursor of whoever fires the gun.
I made an open source map that shows how to make it here:
http://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=9&a=&m=u ... &id=701397
Feel free to use it in any of your maps.

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Re: A Mini Manual for the PB2 MapMaker!

Postby GrafTheDog » 19 July 2018, 13:58

It took me a lot of hard work to realize that portal gun is actually portal gun like from portal, not warp gun.
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