Some Ideas

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Some Ideas

Postby BlvxkByrd » 5 April 2020, 12:30

I have some ideas that I've toyed around with in my mind for awhile and just now decided to throw them out to you all.

1.) Kill assists. PB2 will have a kill assist system. Each kill assist will count as .50 towards your overall KD/R. Kill assists may be defined as a player having dealt 50 or more damage to an enemy and it would only count for the next 60 seconds since dealing that blow to the enemy.

2.A.) Kill streaks. Maybe a point multiplier for kill streaks or something.
2.B.) Kill streak ended bonus points. A player will be rewarded for putting an end to a player's kill streak.

3.) Comeback bonus. Players getting trashed and end up getting a kill can be rewarded. A little incentive to keep them going, rather than them just rage quitting.
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Re: Some Ideas

Postby Girl_Power » 5 April 2020, 23:14

These are actually some great ideas I would like to see added into the game. I agree with all the ideas here especially with the idea of kill assists. This would greatly solve the problem of "kill stealing" that we see in approved matches everyday.
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Re: Some Ideas

Postby nightmar » 26 April 2020, 02:29

1) Good idea, even though the bestway to avoid exp from kill steals (in my opinion) is to earn exp based on the damage a player deals to others

2A) Isn't there already a system that grants you extra exp for killing multiple players in a row?

2B) and 3) YES
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Re: Some Ideas

Postby EOw » 29 April 2020, 17:24

I like this idea, however I would like these changes to come in unranked matches as well as ranked matches.

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Re: Some Ideas

Postby Master Chief 0 » 22 May 2020, 09:50

pointless ideas, this some sort of an idea would be disturbing for the game itself, it will be weird and uncool like other games.

and all that will give power for the player by doing that, that would be unfair according to the people who are not skilled enough to versus them or, this could be a cheat tho, killing assist or earning stuff by killing spree whatever?
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Re: Some Ideas

Postby Antocd4 » 23 May 2020, 16:29

I like killstreak idea

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