Mini Events -- Hosted by staff

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Mini Events -- Hosted by staff

Postby Tempus » 17 January 2020, 17:49

Thoughts on server announcements and we hope you enjoyed playing with us!

We plan to host more for you and make things more challenging next time ;)

Edit 1/20/2020

This is for you guys!!!!
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Re: Mini Events -- Hosted by staff

Postby yi en » 17 January 2020, 17:50

hmm. great. for 30 characters, I would gotta say first. but then I will comment on that later.
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yi en
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Re: Mini Events -- Hosted by staff

Postby Jusiah » 17 January 2020, 17:51

This was actually fun. Ngl. Glad I had the chance to win the final round. 8)

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Re: Mini Events -- Hosted by staff

Postby CreeperHunter55 » 20 January 2020, 22:21

Glad to be a part of it :)
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Re: Mini Events -- Hosted by staff

Postby Knight Athoriiz » 20 January 2020, 22:22

Woo! We broke the record for most people logged on the forums! I hope we can do more of these, honestly. I think it would get the community more interactive!
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Re: Mini Events -- Hosted by staff

Postby Tommy9 » 20 January 2020, 22:24

I loved it, but the lag was the only issue to blame. Everything else was alright but I would like to more of this, hopefully in the weekends because I was not expecting one on the weekdays and I know most 13-20+ year olds have college, school, jobs and stuff. Maybe adding a set arrangement publicly on the discord announcements or on the pb2 website would be handy, but overall I found the mini event interesting. :D
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Re: Mini Events -- Hosted by staff

Postby Civil-Lite » 20 January 2020, 22:26

It's a shame I missed the ultimate battle for this event even though it did seem quite fun in the end. Hopefully you do more of these in the future as I shall be looking forward to that, as well as gaining myself the opportunity to participate in.

You may have won this round, but it is not over yet ;)
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Re: Mini Events -- Hosted by staff

Postby the red death » 20 January 2020, 22:31

Tbh. it was kinda fun,but i have some critic...

-The fighting isn't really enjoyable if we play open maps. Basically it's just spamming with the chance to get a kill.
-Also,the lags of the game reduce the fun drastically. This is a problem while regular matches,but with 16 ppl online...
-It was kinda confusing,especially while waiting for the levels. The site chat exploded,reading the messages was hard.

Welp,all in all a good idea.
It's mostly not your fault,i blame the game,but i wanted to be honest so i wrote this.
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Re: Mini Events -- Hosted by staff

Postby ditzy » 20 January 2020, 22:32

where my levels at >:l
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Re: Mini Events -- Hosted by staff

Postby AzrilAdni » 20 January 2020, 22:33

My fastest shortcut to get Level 409 and then 509 in 5 minutes, It was a pretty fun and epic event
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Re: Mini Events -- Hosted by staff

Postby ShadowHunter47 » 20 January 2020, 22:36

thanks for this game still exist
and I hope it exists forever. ^_^

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Re: Mini Events -- Hosted by staff

Postby JetShooter175 » 21 January 2020, 00:05

Great Event. Would play again.

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Re: Mini Events -- Hosted by staff

Postby Girl_Power » 21 January 2020, 00:09

I really liked the Mini Events hosted today! I had to leave so that other people can join in but while I was in it, it was very fun. I think it's a great way to get the PB2 community moving as well as keeping players active! I wish to see more of these events in the future!
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Re: Mini Events -- Hosted by staff

Postby broforce1 » 6 February 2020, 15:52

some weird players don't care anyway, this is so cool to find yourself there but they don't take it series that's sucks
hope I was there.
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