Map Making: How to "disable" Time Warp

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Map Making: How to "disable" Time Warp

Postby GiraRay » 7 July 2017, 00:33

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This map will show you how to "disable" the Time Warp ability. What I mean by disabling the ability is by countering the effects of it.
Here's all the technical info:
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I used the "Current frame time" variable trigger action to measure the game speed with various FPS settings.

With 60 FPS (and other depending settings), the average TPF (Ticks per frame) at default game speed was about 0.5. That means that 1 frame usually includes 0.5 in-game ticks (For comparison, there are 30 ticks in 1 second in PB2).
The average TPF during Time Warp was 0.04.

So, if the TPF goes lower than 0.1, the game speed will increase to 151. 151 almost exactly matches the player mobility at that time, however, as the player gets sped up in Time Warp, other things slow down a bit when the game speed is increased to 151.
When the player deactivates Time Warp, the game speed will still be at 151. This will cause the FPS to go up to 1.5 TPF (on all computers!). Now that the TPF is 1.5 another trigger will check if the TPF is higher than 1.49. If it is, then it will slow down the time to the default 30 which will lower the TPF to 0.5 again.

This is mostly a test and this WILL vary from computers. I don't know how in every way, but it will not be compatible with some computers.

Because slower computers have longer frame durations (Lower FPS), the TPS will be a lot higher than faster computers. THIS SYSTEM WILL ONLY WORK IF YOUR SETTINGS AND COMPUTER CAN DISPLAY 30 OR MORE FPS! Otherwise, it will spam "Slow down time" in my map because the TPF is always at 1.5. So, only use this if you have a computer that can run the game on 30 FPS or more.

I hope you like it / find it useful. :thank:

P.S Please PM me or comment all bugs that are in the map/system and I will do my best to fix them.
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Re: Map Making: How to "disable" Time Warp

Postby sean l » 21 July 2018, 16:03

thanks for the information, although if your making a single player map made for training, you can end the session when they use the Time Warp instead of canceling it. this saves the player potential and makes Warp spammers angry to no end >:)
to do what i did, i followed everything above until the effect is registered, from there, when the Time warp was used, the game will end the session with reason "You are not allowed to use Time Warp here. Session Terminated"
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