Zako's Story & Admor's Attack

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Zako's Story & Admor's Attack

Postby Cool_Guy88 » 12 March 2018, 15:17

Name: Admor's Attack & The First Plazma

Map IDs: cool_guy88-mysterystorypt1admor & cool_guy88-short_zako_adventure_1

Desc: Zako: You're a regular soldier from the OTHER universe, you are first time at Earth. Year 2719, first time,
you get an armor, then... you see some STRANGE creatures. And now, you're fighting, in next episode, you meet an android. But it looks like, something's wrong...
Admor: You got mission to save your boss, in next missions, you fight. But something wrong happened........?
Map Page Links: ... dventure_1 & ... rypt1admor

Quickly play: ... rypt1admor & ... dventure_1

Brief Desc: I think that's it, just... kill everybody. That's your objective. You're the red guy. AND ADMOR IS A HUMAN WITH ALIEN ARMOR. DO NOT SAY IT'S AN ALIEN.

There's some important info:
Spoiler: Show More
You're actually character from madness combat. (NOT CANON CHARACTER)
In chapter 2, sometimes you NEED to die.
And this Android is a traitor.

That's it. PLEASE RATE 5 :3 :thank:
And just fix that MP bug which makes other players see different things than the other player.
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