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Postby Stapler » 14 April 2017, 20:24

please give ys bsck the clan topic.i was on phone.sry.

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Re: clans

Postby jeff the hacker » 15 April 2017, 10:20

we dont want to start another clan war so we decided to remove it
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jeff the hacker
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Re: clans

Postby GhostX5 » 17 April 2017, 22:15

@Stapler, the Clans Forum was removed recently, due to clan drama, clan wars and yeah. There's no clans here on PB2, but I'm not sure if they're going to bring it back for PB2.5. Look it up on Twitter.

I was originally part of a clan since May 2016, I was part of the |Hero| clan, now when me and my friends got kicked out because of immaturity, this year, me and my friend created a secret clan. You'll see me in the multiplayer as a Clan Leader. Well, it all turned out bad since 2016, because of lag. It's still happening to me here in the Phils, but I don't care if I get disconnected from the game. I still play. This is where I grew up playing PB2 since 2011.
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Re: clans

Postby lostmydollar » 18 April 2017, 11:59

clans should be brought back indeed

i don't consider "drama" a good reason to remove it. staff should seriously think about this as it may rise the activity in the community
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Re: clans

Postby Tempus » 22 April 2017, 20:05

We don't have any actual features to host clans. Thus why it was removed.
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Re: clans

Postby dota_player303 » 7 July 2017, 06:23

Clans are the Reason why PB2 is dying :D
Cringy Clan names are cancerous :thank:
90% of the players in PB2 are now hiding in Discord ^_^
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Re: clans

Postby Usurpation Soldier 2019 » 29 March 2020, 20:05

Join my clan all you have to do is add to your nickname Usurpation Clan and change your death match character to a Usurpation Solider any of the Usurpation Soldiers.

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Re: clans

Postby Build » 30 March 2020, 02:59

Usurpation Soldier 2019 wrote:Join my clan all you have to do is add to your nickname Usurpation Clan and change your death match character to a Usurpation Solider any of the Usurpation Soldiers.

Damn out of all clans here, Someone has finally made a clan that is suitable for everyone, Usurpation Clan best clan! And respect our great leader Usurpation Soldier 2 0 1 9
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