An Idea for PB2 and PB2.5

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An Idea for PB2 and PB2.5

Postby maxim12 » 2 March 2017, 01:49

I'd like to eric to come up with 2 new features; An Ignore list and a Challenge list.

Challenge list will be like enemy list, expect it will be named as "Challenge list", so that people will know what the feature was actualy intended for.

Like in the enemy list, you simply add people into it, basicaly a feature to track other users, it will show when they're online or offline, it will show what match and server they play, so that you will join that server and basicaly challenge him.

To know that people challenge you, there will be list called "Challenged by", just like the challenge list it will show when the players are online or offline, what match they're playing and what server they're connected to.

Ofcourse I wan't to see the option so that people will able to dissallow other users to add him into their challenge list, not everyone wants to be tracked by others, unless some people just like to be "The most Wanted" so they can allow others adding him to their Challenge list.

As for ignore list, It will be your personal Ignore list, you already know what It was intended for.

Other users/players will NOT be able to view your Ignore list, It's completely PRIVATE. Also, Ignore list will not show when the user that you've ignored is online, because It's not a challege list, It serves completely different purpose.

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Re: An Idea for PB2 and PB2.5

Postby chrissty33 » 5 March 2017, 02:46

Don't take credit for the "Challenged List", that was quite clearly Doom's idea: viewtopic.php?p=175160#p175160
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