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Plazma Republic - #KTSC Event Participations

Postby JayaRaya » 18 February 2017, 15:52

Hi there everyone, this just a post about our participation's in the #KTSC Event. Sorry that its kinda late tho...

1. #KTSC PR - Clan " Test " --- February 10, 2017 ---
As our planned, we made our first "Test" match for the #KTSC event at 707-swords map, and it went very good. We estimate the number of peoples that have join in, is about 34 - 47 players (Guests & Users). The match lasted for about almost 2 hours.

At that time, we havent fully focuss on counting the number of players that joined, so we just estimate the total numbers.

2. #KTSC Plazma Republic Fun --- February 17, 2017 ---
We have agreed to help, so we made the second & a official #KTSC event match at the same 707-swords map. This time, it went successful. We have count the number of peoples that have join in, is about 105 players (Guests & Users). The match lasted for a long 3 hours, that's so cool !

Also this time, we do the counting very accurately.

In total, NIR has earned about 320$. So this event is completely successful, hope this event gotta happen again someday in the future.
Thanks to people's at NIR Alliances, GSA Members, PR Members, & all of the PB2 players that have volunteer to help for the donations.
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Re: Plazma Republic - #KTSC Event Participation's

Postby noune » 18 February 2017, 16:44

The New Imperial Region has also donated $20 to the fund by me and $20 dollars from From Guest Electric Fish!
now lets see what GSA's total is! :D
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Re: Plazma Republic - #KTSC Event Participation's

Postby mirx » 18 February 2017, 23:21

"Plazma Republic" Probably the cringiest thing I've ever heard. Nice succes on the event though!

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