Tips for creating a base map

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Tips for creating a base map

Postby iDomino » 7 October 2016, 23:21

Here is iDomino's very own Base map design tutorial

INSIDE of it:

1- An entrance.
Most likely two doors, separated from each other, between them a room from where you can teleport people to jail/torture room/etc. Or simply let them fall into a hole, whatever your mind goes to.

2- A place near the entrance to control the doors and entrance-related stuff.
It's important to quickly act when people are coming nearby your base. You should secure it with a pusher or acid which makes it imopssible to be passed as non-god.

3- A Gunshop.
Every base needs guns. The gunshop should be not too large, maybe even with a teleport to a second layer, where the other guns are. You should add all guns 1-9 and the additional guns which have the same slot (Sniper~Railguns) can be placed nearby.
That enlarges the sortiment of guns. But not more than 4 guns of the same type, otherwise it'll lag (like 10 pistols on each other would cause lag). Secure the gunshop with a door which can be opened from inside or however you would like it to be available to other players.

4- A Jail.
Should be small, two "beds" for the inmates and some decor stuff. Jail shall be opened only from the outside and should be placed underneath the base. Make a elevator go down or smth like that to make it look more realistic. Next to the "open" and "close" buttons of the jail door, add a function which kills the inmates.

5- Fun environment.
as such as a small pool, a foodshop, a café, a cinema, a refidgerator, a clone room, a dormitory, etc. Be creative. But make sure the "fun part" of the base is well-separated from the more combat-specified places or the entrance.

6- A watchtower.
Make it inside of the base, reachable via elevator going up. Be creative with it. The watchtower needs to get an overview of the frontside of the base and a function to zoom out.
Create two buttons, one to zoom in and one to zoom out. Or even make it shoot missiles down on the base etc. It's up to you.

7- A god room.
A god room specifies a room, which only the god player can reach and which has features as such as:

-Disable/Enable psi-blades
-Zoom in/out settings.
-Spawn players to A or B
-Activate/Deactivate defense system(I'll mention it later on)

OUTSIDE of it:

- Nature.
The base isn't stanndig somewhere in space, unless it's a spacebase. Maybe even next to a Ghost town?
Make the base stay outside the nature. The natural environment begins as soon as you leave the entrance. Make a sea, which can be passed via boat.
Use decors as such as crates or a broken falconian ship. Create your world, in which the base should be in. Should it be a warground? Place holes and broken ships into/onto the ground, put some barrels all over, make some small acid lakes. Or hills? Trees, stones, waterfalls will make this look realistic.
Or a city? Create houses using a BG, which you can enter by pressing E near their doors.

- Pushers.
Pushers are important, so people do not spawn right insde of the gunshop or even the god room. If you place pushers with no functions over an area, players will not spawn there. So I advise you to create one large pusher and drag it ALL over the base, 4-5 blocks above the top and under the bottom.

- Turrets/ A defensive system.
Hide some turrets inside your base or make even a turret room or a tank, whatever you want. Create your own defense system, which activates doors, pushers, or clones zombies which attack the outstanding people and die after 30 seconds.

You can always inbox me regarding any ideas/questions. Thanks for taking your time reading through this :)
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Re: Tips for creating a base map

Postby kneelfrox » 20 October 2016, 09:41

You really put some effort on making this topic. It's great.
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Re: Tips for creating a base map

Postby superio » 14 November 2016, 19:49

Wow really good news for a new player that makes maps
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Re: Tips for creating a base map

Postby random marine » 25 August 2017, 00:59

something that makes me mad. Making doors.It Never works

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Re: Tips for creating a base map

Postby iDomino » 27 November 2017, 14:37

If you require help regarding doors, I'd be glad to help.
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