Re-Order letters.

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Re-Order letters.

Postby The Algerian Commander » 3 August 2016, 17:22

Hello Everyone ! :D

So... I guess it's time to have some fun...

I got this (brilliant) idea from a friend that got the idea from an other friend which got it from a friend and whatever :3 ;anyway, the rules is very simple. just be smart :P

Type a random letters (which the following player must re-order them in order to make clear word.)
Examples: Player 1: (p-y-a-h-p)
............Player 2: Happy. (o-v-l-e)
............Player 3: love. (...)

And like this to make clear and meaningful words, don't put random letters that make no words, like (k-a-t-d-g-y-e-i) or something like this...

and don't make it to be rude word.

I hope this game suit you.

Thanks a lot ! :thank:
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Re: Re-Order letters.

Postby Elitech » 3 August 2016, 19:33

Would like to see it approved, +1.
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Re: Re-Order letters.

Postby mrblake213 » 4 August 2016, 09:43

This is actually creative and original.
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Re: Re-Order letters.

Postby Nutkiplit809 » 4 August 2016, 10:06

I approve it! We could see it at the Games Area any time soon :D
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Re: Re-Order letters.

Postby pixelbyte » 6 September 2016, 03:44

Thats cool, +1                                                    


Re: Re-Order letters.

Postby thetoppestkek » 7 September 2016, 09:55

Might lead to a flood of one-word posting, but other than that, I like it!
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Re: Re-Order letters.

Postby iLionz » 7 September 2016, 19:35

While this is a good idea, there should be should be more restrictions to it.

For example, if I were to randomly rearrange "Extravaganza" or "Declassification", you probably won't be able to guess it.

There should be a limit to the number of letters in the words to make it easier to guess it, as well as a time limit until the answer is automatically given to prevent obscure words from killing the thread.

Other then that, I think the idea's creative. +1

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Re: Re-Order letters.

Postby Ghostehz » 8 September 2016, 12:31

dogo eadi, +1 from me

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Re: Re-Order letters.

Postby Kman910 » 21 September 2016, 22:23

Pretty good.

You should have to put a topic so it is like this.

Topic is:Guns

It is still pretty good +1
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