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Last letter

Postby The Algerian Commander » 28 July 2016, 23:50

Hello Everyone ! :D

I was thinking long time until this idea has got my mind. I don't know if the idea already post in this forum but here the Description:

When someone write a word, you'll make other word using the last letter of the previous word, this is an example:
Player 1: Happy
Player 2: Year
Player 3: Read
Player 4: Door
and like that.

The Rules are simple:
- Just make the words as the above example, and do not make rude words, and respect people here.
- Don't make more than 2 words.
- You can always join and play.

I hope this idea has suit you.

Many thanks :thank: .
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Re: Last letter

Postby Nutkiplit809 » 29 July 2016, 13:10

I approve!

What a good game (LOL I saw this on other game forums).
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