Is the forums dying?

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Is the forums dying?

Postby ilijah999 » 6 November 2015, 15:10

Do you think that the forms are dying? Respond. I will give my reason soon.
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Re: Is the forums dying?

Postby Terabrion » 6 November 2015, 15:11

Wonder what kind of imagination you have, like seriously... No, simply no.
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How could I be sure?
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Re: Is the forums dying?

Postby maxim12 » 6 November 2015, 16:01

Terabrion wrote:Wonder what kind of imagination you have, like seriously... No, simply no.

Basicaly this.

Seriously, dont make threads like this one, the forums ARENT dying, what the hell is wrong with you?

I'm not meant to be offence or anything, but seriously. those kind of threads are annoying. how the hell is the forums are dying?

This thread should be locking, cause it does not promote any discussion here.

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Re: Is the forums dying?

Postby Green eyed Demon » 6 November 2015, 16:18

No,it is not dying

Green eyed Demon

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