Postby LCRS » 10 October 2020, 08:42

- To the best of my knowledge, the following map fits all requirements to be approved: Yes.
- The following map contains no unfair hidden features: Yes.
- The following map contains nothing against the PB2 Code of Conduct: Yes.
- I have read and understand fully the Required Reading for posting a Map Approval Request: Yes.
- I have read and understand fully the Map Approval Rules: Yes.

- Map Name: [Force]
- Map ID: lcrs-force
- Link to Map Page: https://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=9&a=&m= ... &id=923442
- Link to Map Demo: https://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=2&map=lcrs-force

- Give a brief description of the map:
- 8 Players.
- 200 Hitpoints.
- Reduced Gravity.
- Increased Game Camera.
- Reduced Life Span of Projectiles.
- Zero Impact Damage From Walls.
- Slower Game Speed with Faster Respawn Speed.
- Slower Regeneration Delay with Faster Regeneration Speed.

x3 HE Nades
x3 Port Nades
x2 CS-LMG.
x2 Archetype.
x8 Defibrillator.
x8 Falkonian Pistol.
x8 Falkonian Shotgun.
x8 Falkonian Marksman Rifle.
x8 Falkonian Grenade Launcher.
x2 Falkonian Anti-Gravity Rocket Launcher.

- Why you think the map deserves to be approved:
The map has a symmetrical and minimal design. The walls are measured and overlapped. I usually do not create a regular map. Therefore, I will take the chance to get it approved.

- Any other comments:
I believe if a map has zero shadows and impact-damage threshold, it will not meet the requirement to be approved. Is that correct?
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Re: [APPROVAL REQUEST] lcrs-force

Postby DestroyerV2 » 10 October 2020, 09:17

Greetings LCRS,
I hope you understand that modifying of map mechanics are strictly prohibited and i'm pretty sure modifying "camera, regen, game speed, bullet life span" is not allowed when it comes to approval. and wait is that slow-mo? . i'm not very sure slow-mo maps can be approved, I hope you can read the rules and not just fill the fifth sentence of [1] with a yes when its clearly a no. i think i saw a minigun there but you didnt list it down

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Re: [APPROVAL REQUEST] lcrs-force

Postby yizhe » 10 October 2020, 11:38

I recommend that you take some time to read the map approval requirements that can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=167&t=24538

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Re: [APPROVAL REQUEST] lcrs-force

Postby Stryde » 10 October 2020, 13:47

- Poor wall overlapping and validation in some areas
- Poor background overlapping
- Putting an invisible door over a pusher on top of the map is not needed - you may actually have just defeated the --purpose of the pusher to prevent spawning
- Grenade count is too high (3 nades per)
- The gameplay modifications you have in map are strictly prohibited

As yizhe said, read the guidelines before submitting a map for approval: viewtopic.php?f=167&t=24538

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