[APPROVAL REQUEST]noobish warrior-3v3

[APPROVAL REQUEST]noobish warrior-3v3

Postby Noobish Warrior » 8 October 2020, 21:48

-To the best of my knowledge, the following map fits all the requirements to be approved: YES
-The following map contains no unfair hidden features: YES
-The following map contains nothing against the PB2 Code of Conduct: YES
-I have read and fully understand fully the Required Reading for posting a Map Approval Request: YES
-I have read and understand fully the Map Approval Rules: YES

-Map Name: 3v3
-Map ID: noobish warrior-3v3
-Link to Map Page: https://www.plazmaburst2.com/index.php? ... &id=998975
-Link to Map Demo: https://www.plazmaburst2.com/index.php? ... rrior-3v3#

-Give a brief description of the map: Map is typical sniper map.

Each player gets:
2 Grenades
1 Defibrillator
1 Sniper Rifle CS-YippeeKiYay

-Why do you think this map deserves to be approved: Personally looks like a good map to fight, hoping players will enjoy, good sized enjoyable arena.

-Any other comments: Nope
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Re: [APPROVAL REQUEST]noobish warrior-3v3

Postby Jerry- » 9 October 2020, 09:25

1-Floating flag looks bad here : https://prntscr.com/uvzf9j
2-this map is unplayable on COOP since all players have same skin and same team
3-map is too bright and almost no shadows
4-missing decoration here : https://prntscr.com/uvzh47
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Re: [APPROVAL REQUEST]noobish warrior-3v3

Postby Stryde » 9 October 2020, 14:13

- Map is unoriginal - looks like a hybrid between Eric Gurt-railwars1 and Stryde-sniper
- Floorlamp decorations are out of place https://prnt.sc/uw5nrd
- Random 10px by 10px spacing through the background does not good with sky peaking through in symmetrical maps
- Laser endpoints allow players to sit at them still https://prnt.sc/uw5nem
- Background is not overlapped into walls to prevent glowing edge effect

Map has been rejected at this time.

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