Map Aprroval Requests

Map Aprroval Requests

Postby Jusiah » 2 October 2020, 02:33

Hi! Jusiah aka Demon Legend here. Please take the time to approve some of my maps that you guys think it's deserved to be played in ranked/unranked matches. I never had any of my maps approved at all, and this would be the first time getting my maps approved. I am still learning on map making. I have play-tested all of these maps. Please be kind and approve my maps. I'm not asking to approve all my maps, i'm asking to approve my maps that has most 3 stars or that deserves to be approved in your opinon. Thanks!! :D ... &id=957550 ... &id=956409 ... &id=954698 ... &id=956413 ... &id=953156 ... &id=956272

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Re: Map Aprroval Requests

Postby Stryde » 2 October 2020, 02:50

You must follow the templates to request maps for approval one at a time and not all in one topic. Please go check the guidelines and rules for this section before making another approval request.

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