Postby EOw » 15 September 2020, 22:11

-To the best of my knowledge, the following map fits all requirements to be approved: YES
-The following map contains no unfair hidden features: YES
-The following map contains nothing against the PB2 Code of Conduct: YES
-I have read and understand fully the Required Reading for posting a Map Approval Request: YES
-I have read and understand fully the Map Approval Rules: YES

-Map name: A normal sniper map
-Map ID: eow-sniper
-Link to Map Page: https://www.plazmaburst2.com/index.php? ... &id=972707
-Link to Map Demo: https://www.plazmaburst2.com/index.php? ... eow-sniper

-Give a brief description of the map: The map is a sniper deathmatch, each player has 150 HP and has a choice of picking up the six grenades laid out in the map, has a defibrillator and a Sniper Rifle YippeeKiYay.
-Why do you think the map deserves to be approved: I have added shadows, increased map size, lowered health of players, and lowered down the floors.
-Any other comments: N/A

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Re: [APPROVAL REQUEST]eow-sniper

Postby Stryde » 15 September 2020, 22:15

This map was rejected not even 6 hours ago viewtopic.php?f=180&t=24860

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Re: [APPROVAL REQUEST]eow-sniper

Postby Kiriakos Gr96 » 15 September 2020, 22:20

You already made a request for this map.

You will be able to make a new request for this map in 1 month and if you have made major changes which will result to a much better improvement to the gameplay.
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