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Postby Tempus » 22 January 2019, 05:24

1.0 - Managers are required to set a match time 2 days before Game Day (Saturday). In other words, the deadline is Thursday night.

1.1 - If the deadline of Thursday night is not met, either that night or Friday, a Commissioner will step-in and assist in setting a time for the match.

1.2 - Managers have the ability to play a day early, which would be on Friday. Managers are still required to agree on the time before Thursday night. Missing the deadline for the match time will result in it either being set to default on Saturday or postponing it to Sunday.

2.0 - Managers are now restricted to only 3 pauses per match. As an added security to this rule - alongside keeping track of subbed players - managers/team players are required to list at what point in the match they made a pause if a Commissioner or designated spectator is not there. Eg. At 13-12, Team Area 51 paused for the second time.

3.0 - Postponing a match is now restricted to 10 minutes long and can only be used once. This is to avoid players who leave over long periods of time after a manager issues a postpone. Each manager is inclined to have the ability to postpone once and this ability does work in-between matches.

4.0 - If a player has lagged out, the match can not be paused unless the player is unable to reconnect. In the case that the player returns, teams are now restricted from ever being able to heal somebody who reconnected during the middle of a round. This is to avoid unfair play and editing of stats without a reason, such as subbing.

5.0 - Given that managers have the ability to sub-out players, due to recent issues with pausing too much, managers now only have the ability to sub 3 times. This is extremely important: before a player is subbed during 1 of 3 pauses, you must log the players score before they exit the match. If there is no evidence of a subbed player, then scores for that specific player will not be logged. This is non-negotiable.
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