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[ Plazma League Commissioners ]

Postby Tempus » 6 February 2018, 19:08

1. If the Commissioners cannot come to an agreement, the inquiry is taken before the Council for final deliberations.

2. Commissioners have the final say, unless the Council vote on said inquiry, that needs a second investigation. Both Commissioners must agree to overrule the Council's decision.

3. Commissioners must stay objective, fair, and bias-free.

4. Commissioners aren’t above the law. They have to follow the rules as much as everyone else.

5. If a Commissioner steps down, he/she may pick a successor, however:
- The other Commissioners aren’t required to take on his/her successor.
- The Commissioner stepping down must provide proper reasoning for their chosen successor.
- The chosen successor should preferably be someone already on the staff team.

6. Commissioners overlook the promotion of new council members in the case there is less than the minimum required.
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