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Postby Tempus » 6 February 2018, 19:07

1. All decisions are done through a collective vote. The vote is determined by the majority.
Commissioners have the power to overrule the Council's decision. Commissioners must reach a consensus in order to overrule any of the Council's decisions. All council members votes/opinions should be respected.

2. Members of the Council are picked by Commissioners. A Council position isn’t guaranteed for former returning Council members, i.e., if he/she leaves for whatever reason, they have to reapply and go through the Council Trial. Former Council members do not have the privilege of skipping the application process.

If previously a user was on a Plazma League team, they must go through the trial for a whole season before becoming an official Council member. If a user hasn’t been on a PL team before, this doesn’t apply.

Council Trial members will be overlooked by the commissioners.

3. A minimum of 3 active Council members is required at any given time.

4. Council members must be active. If a prolonged state of inactivity is to be expected on the part of the Council member, the individual should notify other members of the Council or one of the Commissioners of the expected length of absence to avoid being demoted for inactivity.

If a council member becomes inactive due to whatever reasons, then a Trial Council member can temporarily fill in the position.
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