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Commitment, Leaves of Absence, Resignations

1. Once a user indicates on the forum that he/she wishes to be a manager and is accepted, they are bound by a seasonal contract.

A “Temporary Manager” role does not exist. If a user is picked to replace and become the new manager, that means that they are the permanent manager for that team.

Once picked as manager, the user is bound to that team if he/she steps down. Therefore, former managers cannot be traded to another team, and they are bound to that team for that season.

Appropriate actions will take effect for the said manager if they leave the server and/or cease communications with Plazma League staff and associates.

Unless a manager steps down for a legitimate reason, they will be suspended for 2 weeks. The punishment's length is determined by the manager's reason for stepping down.

2. Managers must gain approval from the Commissioners to resign.
If the manager wishes to step down, then they must pick someone from their team who is willing to replace them. If there is no one willing to replace them, the matter should be taken to the Commissioners, then to the Council if the Commissioners cannot come to an agreement.

If the manager requires time off for whatever reasons, they must gain the Commissioners' approval, and then someone else will be selected during their leave. Once the original manager has returned, then he/she will regain their position.


3. Managers have the ability to make 1 signing per week.
A manager cannot reserve additional signings by not signing any players in past weeks.

Managers do not have the ability to give their week's signing to another manager. This is non-negotiable.

A signing cannot be revoked or reversed without the permission of the Council and Commissioners.

A signing cannot be confirmed unless the player completely agrees. Holding a position for a player should not be considered an option.

Waiving, Banned Players, Player Activity

4. Managers have the ability to carry out an unlimited number of waives, but a legitimate reason must be presented for the waiving of any player.

A considerable and most common reason for waiving a player is inactivity. A player must be inactive over the course of 4-5 days while the manager attempts to reach out to the player.

Another reason would be that a player, who is confirmed to be banned on Plazma Burst 2, has his/her fate in the hands of the manager, as he/she has the ability to waive the player because of the ban or the option of keeping the player on the team until his/her ban period ends. If it is a permanent ban, the ban will also carry over to Plazma League. This means they are completely removed from the team and the league.

A manager can also notify a Commissioner about a player's refusal to play. Punishments are determined by whether or not the player's actions/decisions are true, and if so, whether he/she decides to cooperate or not.

Illegal Trades

5. Managers are required to stay updated on the statuses of their team members at all times.

Always stay informed with players about whether or not they were found to be banned. Finding this information ahead of time prevents illegal trades and players attempting to ban evade in order to play for their team. If a player is banned and doesn’t inform the manager, punishment will be enacted upon that specific player.

If a manager fails to inform a Commissioner of an illegal trade or a player who is banned from Plazma Burst 2 is found to be ban evading recently, associated users will be punished. The severity of these punishments will be decided by both members of the Council and the Commissioners.


6. Managers have the ability to trade players at will an unlimited amount of times.

Managers have to both agree on a trade and provide proof of the deal or they may both agree in the #manager-sector channel in order to complete a trade legally. Under no circumstances should a trade be finalized without the approval of both managers.

Banned players on a team have a trade value of zero. In other words, managers do not have the ability to make a trade that contains a banned player. If a player is found to have not notified his previous manager of a recent ban, Commissioners have the ability to contact Plazma Burst 2 staff and request a time at which the player was banned to verify if the trade was legal.

In order to revoke or reverse a trade, both managers have to agree. Afterwards, the process will continue to Commissioners and Council to discuss and - after a vote is made to either reverse the trade or not - determine the outcome of that particular trade.

As a reminder, all previous managers who stepped down are bound by a contract to their team and are untradable.
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