Map Approvals: Required Reading

Map Approval Requests

Map Approvals: Required Reading

Postby DoomWrath » 24 September 2017, 17:42

Before posting a map approval, edit, or removal request, you should read the following information:

Approving a map allows it to be played in Ranked/Unranked Approved multiplayer games, meaning kills, deaths, and player points (if ranked) on the map contribute to your profile.

- Plazma Burst 2 Code of Conduct (especially regarding maps, prohibited, and inappropriate content): ... 63&t=14355

- Official Map Approval Requirements: ... roval.html

- Max Teabag's Map Making Guide: ... 26&t=20068

- If posting a Map Approval Request: ... 63&t=20138

- If posting an Approved Map Edit Request: ... 64&t=20139

- If posting an Approved Map Removal Request: ... 65&t=20140
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