[APPROVAL REQUEST] thetoppestkek-x17

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[APPROVAL REQUEST] thetoppestkek-x17

Postby IcYeGodZ » 13 June 2018, 13:19

- To the best of my knowledge, the following map fits all requirements to be approved: YES
- The following map contains no unfair hidden features: YES
- The following map contains nothing against the PB2 Code of Conduct: YES
- I have read and understand fully the Required Reading for posting a Map Approval Request: YES
- I have read and understand fully the Map Approval Rules: YES

- Map Name: X17 Laboratory [MP]
- Map ID: thetoppestkek-x17
- Link to Map Page: http://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=9&a=&m=t ... &id=891612
- Link to Map Demo: http://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=2&map=thetoppestkek-x17

- Give a brief description of the map: 4v4 map with pleasing aesthetics and facility vibes.

Inspired by ditzy-uprise.

Contains modified weaponry.


-Crossfire CR-45 Phantom (x4) [S]
-Crossfire CR-42 Ghost (x4) [S]
-CS-GaussRifle (x2)
-Combat Rifle CS-OICW (x2)

- Why you think the map deserves to be approved: I don't know, Dexter the boy genius says it gives more momentous visuals and gameplay style/momentum.
- Any other comments: PB2 PLAYERS ARE DESTROYING DEXTERS LAB!!! but.. where are the presence of Dee Dee and Dexter hm?

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