HEX Color codes for bullet projectiles

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HEX Color codes for bullet projectiles

Postby ZZNinjaZZ » 28 May 2018, 17:19

HEX color codes are really helpful on creating unique designs and aesthetics. I suggest add one too for gun projectiles, it'll save much more time and effort for the devs and map devs instead of making multiple gun projectiles with the same size and look but different color. It'll also help on team maps with weapon projectile color codings, instead spending time trying to find a bullet with the exact same size but different color, you could just enter the desired color using HEX color codes. Bullets aren't really that much of an attention to the player's eye but I believe that the smallest designs always build up the largest ones.
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Re: HEX Color codes for bullet projectiles

Postby Build » 29 May 2018, 11:03

That would be great. and if that happened
i will make a rainbow gun
when it shoots random color bullets
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