Target Prioritization Tests (1)

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Target Prioritization Tests (1)

Postby ChaoSquid » 16 February 2018, 23:26

Don't know if this is the best location for me to post this, but since I wouldn't really consider this an official map of sorts, this seems like a good place for it to be. I'll still use the normal map posting formula for this, though.

Map name: Target Prioritization Tests (1)

Map ID: chaosquid-targetpriority1

Map description: Target prioritization/gameplay tests for maps. This is essentially a mini-level with some sneaky peakies for stuff that might be in Civil Liberation.

This will probably be updated every other week or so. Please, give me your thoughts on what I have, and any suggestions for enemy setups if you have them, as I might use them. Keep in mind, most of my SP maps will probably have swords turned off.

Map Page Link: ... &id=867933

Map Demo Link: ... tpriority1

Brief Description: I pretty much explained everything in the map description. It's a mini-level with some sneak peeks for what might be in CL.
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