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Eternal Conflict

Postby ustopable » 31 December 2017, 00:21

Posted it in a wrong section so Repposted

Hello guys so i’m presenting to you my currently on work my THE ETERNAL CONFLICT

Huh what happened to twin towers and your other map Essense of War

So there is a bug on the cloning system and it creates a problem. Also i’m testing the variable triggers so eternal conflict is my first taste of using it. Plus I just returned


Hey kidd are you tired of selfboosting in the frontline?
Are you tired of losing your pp points while the other players enjoy their pp
Are you tired of getting swarmed by Usurpations while hanging out in a Civil Security base particularly Guest?

Well not anymore with the Eternal Conflict you will become an armchair general for free. Just sit down and let your soldiers do all the work while you earn the fortune and glory as the greatest general in the world. So come on now and lets discover It.


Do you like rushing and creating a massive number of units? Then Usurpations is for you
Usurpation utilizes cheap units snd powerful late game units.
Usurpation Minor with Alien Pistol 10 Gold
Usurpation Major with Alien Rifle 20 Gold
Advance Usurpation with Alien Shotgun for 25 Gold
Usurpation Destroyer with CS BNG for 40 Gold

Do you like your force to be versatile and can handle every job in the world? Well Civil Security is for you.
CS Lite with Pistol for 15 Gold
CS Heavy wtih Assault Rifle for 25 gold
CS Ghost with Sniper Rifle for 30 Gold
CS Boss with Rocket Launcher for 40 Gold

-We also introduce to you Passive Gold Income. Woah! Let your own miners mine the money for you. For Capitalism!!!!!
-Your unit is too light? Well lets upgrade your units health and they will become tougher and beefier than ever. Of course for some piece of gold

Kid: But I don’t have any friends to play with.
Well then can I say to you that our Game have A.I system yes you heard it right. It isn’t as smart as a normal human and uses randomness to make plans but still you can play it.

Woahhhh!!! You got surprised? Well you should because it can be played in Singleplayer and Multiplayer at the same time APM OVER 100000!!!!!!!!!

Kid: So csn I play it?

No but I can show the progress

Arena: 100% Complete
Income System: 100% Complete
The whole buy and selling of characters?: 10%
A.I System: 0%
Victory Screen: There is no victory screen except for Singleplayer woot!!!!! Downloading party hats!!!!!

Kid: Is it balanced

No but we can change the health and rebalance it

Kid: But how will I know the prices

It will show ;)

Kid: Would it spam in your screen? It would give my enemy a disadvantage

Have you ever heard of a handsome man, intelligent in a distant land named Max Teabag. Yes thanks to him I learned so much about variables. Now it will only reveal on the screen of someone who press it


You heard it folks here are some additional info
Gold (Default income: 1 per second): Gold Income Upgrade adds 1 gold per second at the cost of 10 and future upgrade is multiplied by 2 but the gold income per second will always stay at 1
Health Upgrade: 30 Gold give your unit additional 50 health. Further upgrades have a price of 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150
Force Field: 1 Time use blocks the path towards your core for 10 seconds
Core: Proxy skin. Can shoot enemies using C-01P but cannot regenerste health. Total health of 2000.
Low Skill Ceiling.
Good Map
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Re: Eternal Conflict

Postby GiraRay » 8 January 2018, 18:59

:D I definitely look forward to the release of this!
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