Essense of War (WIP)

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Essense of War (WIP)

Postby ustopable » 19 April 2016, 08:10

So im building my latest map called the Essense of War

What is Essense of War if you saw my work called level up well its not complete right so this is my continuation of my work. In essense of war you have been killed in action by surprisingly you can't remember yourself to make you remember yourself A Death Seraph named ustopable signed you to a Sky Arena where you will battle and collect essense. Everytime you collect essense your power grow and your memory becomes clear.

4 Essence with each have their own special abilities (Subject to Change)
There are exactly 4 Essence in this game. Essence of Civil Security, Usurpations, Falkok and specially Android
Civil Security Essense of Supremacy- Focused on having variety of powerful weapons in their arsenal to eradicate whoever comes in front of them but they lack upgrades

Usurpation Essense of Swarm- Focused on bringing more troops in the frontline to overwhelm their enemies but they lack powerful weapons

Falkok Essense of Impregnability- Focused on having massive amount of health and getting upgraded weapons but they lack powerful weapons

Android Essense of Balance- Focused on getting balanced health, speed, and variety of weapons but they lack something they specialize at.

Game Mode
-Story Mode- Enter the world of Sky Arena and get your upgrades slowly while learning the story of how you died in battle and the not so ultimate words of wisdom of ustopable. In the end game the Story Mode will Enter Endless Endurance once you finished the story
-Endless Endurance- Enter the Sky Arena fully upgraded essense and let yourself rack up some kills and show your kills to everyone
-Level Up Mode- Its like the Endless Endurance Mode but you will start with no upgrades whilst you need to earn the upgrades point first. You could go back to the Armory many times with no problem.

Progress of Making
Armory- 10%
Startup- 50%
Arena- 99.9%
Upgrades- 0%
Whole Trigger Mechanism- 3%
Total- 32.58%
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Re: Essense of War (WIP)

Postby FRC10 » 20 April 2016, 11:12

Nice Idea.
Keep it up. Hope you finish the work soon. Don't forget to tell me cuz I will be first to test it.
Good luck, ustopable
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Re: Essense of War (WIP)

Postby ustopable » 20 April 2016, 14:56

Thank You for the support
There will be atleast 2-4 bossfights in game and 2 boss fights includes fighting ustopable (totally not me) anyways ill send you a message once its finished

Edit: So guys looks like I need to change Android Essence of Balance the faction is too complex to build so I need suggestion for the 4th faction then their special abilities
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Re: Essense of War (WIP)

Postby Duo maxwell » 12 May 2016, 15:47

We war in essense and we have a power in essense :O
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Re: Essense of War (WIP)

Postby GiraRay » 2 August 2017, 13:57

Why do I have this feeling that you've watched Steins;Gate?

Btw, it's Essence
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