Trigger Idea stolen from discord from Pb dman

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Trigger Idea stolen from discord from Pb dman

Postby wolf653 » 19 March 2020, 18:22

force character "A" to get to region "B"
the AI will try to find its way to the region.

force character "A" to heal character "B"
so that AI can heal characters.

force character "A" to heal character's team
so that AI will heal their own team.

force character "A" to follow character "B"
the character will follow another character via trigger.

force character "A" to freeze/unfreeze
the character will be unable to move anywhere.

use kinetic module on player/gun "A" and move to region "B"
will use kinetic module on player/gun and the kinetic module will move a gun/player to it's destination then let go.

change gun "A" projectile speed to value "B"
honestly i'm surprised this trigger doesn't exist.

change gun "A" name to value "B"
i dont think there's a way to rename guns so here it is.

damage head at region "A" with value "B"
damage body at region "A" with value "B"
damage legs at region "A" with value "B"
damage arms at region "A" with value "B"
for example if u fall on spikes u can choose to get damaged by legs or body.

set gravity for character "A" to value "B"
for example when bigger characters should have less weight so they jump higher

set gravity in region "A" to value "B"
if u want to make a space map where u can float outside of the ship but inside u can't

set gravity on moveable "A" to value "B"
maybe we want falling blocks?

enable/disable kinetic module on gun/character/barrel "A"
some objects weren't meant to have kinetic used on them.

enable/disable regeneration on vehicle "A"
vehicles should be able to regen too!

enable/disable regeneration on character "A"
maybe we want zombies to regenerate and players to not?

change strict casual mode status for player "A"
more player specific trigger ideas :/

set game speed to "A" frames per second for player "B"
to make slow motion for certain players only

set disabling of psi sword to value of parameter "A" for player "B"
for example, some players to not be able to fight back with swords but others can.

set respawn speed multiplier for player "A"
to stop some players to respawn as fast as others

enable anonymous mode for player "A"
it can act as a mute for maps :)

disable anonymouse mode for player "A"
to unmute as well

set regeneration speed multiplier to value "A" for player "B"
to make other players regenerate slower.

set regeneration delay multiplier to value "A" for player "B"

set physical player impact damage multiplier for player "A"
perhaps an enemy should be able to absorb damage from falls better than the player.

set physical player impact damage threshold to "A" for player "B"

set self-boost force multiplier to player "A"

lock camera at region "A" for player "B"

unlock camera from any region for player "A"

Enable kinetic module for player "A"

disable kinetic module for player "A"
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