AI Combat Behaviors

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AI Combat Behaviors

Postby Stamtish » 26 December 2019, 07:57

So I was thinking, What if there where Combat behaviors for the AI? which each of them made that AI follow a different combat strategy? Which could make some roles for the bots. So here are my thoughts :

1- Defender : Basically Current AI combat behavior. dodging projectiles, keeping a not so much distance, and taking cover and stuff.

2 - Rusher : Keeps the closest distance possible, and will jump at its target with swords to go for a easy kill. risky play, but deadly.

3 - Tank : Will always be ahead of his allies (Usually AI with Defender CB) Will not dodge projectiles, And Sacrifices himself For his mates. when his health went under 30%, he will fall back to regenerate and take cover.

4- Ranger : Keeps a good distance from the target and tries it's best to get behind obstacles to avoid direct contact with them. Whenever wanted to shoot or engage, they will come out of their cover.

So these are my thoughts for now, would be better if you shared your ideas for AI CB.
thank you for reading.
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