modify/ move guns in a region

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modify/ move guns in a region

Postby alj99 » 29 November 2019, 14:12

like that title says modify/ move guns in a region
all gun commands and replace "gun 'A'' with "all guns in region 'A" (an exception for the new decoration command)
At least without the ones that uses variables.
this would allow more large-scale modifications on the guns that are the same weapons the would be modified the same way. It also allow to teleport all the guns into one location
And also add move a random gun in region 'A' to region 'B'
this allow for a random gun to be teleported into another location without the use of lengthy process of variables

The point of this command is to simplify the mechanics of the guns because without the use of lengthy trigger, that uses variables for selection, and a lot of triggers. Without all of those variables and a lot of code, it is much-much simpler

What do you think?
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Re: modify/ move guns in a region

Postby nightmar » 8 May 2020, 23:49

Though normally I'd agree with you ( well perhaps not replace but instead add that) however there will be some problems with this trigger because in multiplayer players tend to see the same gun in different locations. This will most likely have a negative impact in multiplayer gameplay. Maybe if it was for singleplayer only?
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