Changing multiple variables in triggers.

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Changing multiple variables in triggers.

Postby darkstar 1 » 25 October 2017, 19:05

So I had some triggers with a lot of the same variables that had to change to another one and after some time my fingers began to hurt cuz I had to copy past the variables 100+ times.

So my suggestion for the level editor in pb2.5 is something that, when you select a group of triggers, you can change all the variables with name 'A' to 'B'.
[Example: You have 10 triggers, with each 3 times a variable with name Var1 (=30 times Var1), you select these 10 triggers and there appears something that says: 'change all variables with name 'A' to 'B'', you fill in Var1 --> Var2 and as result all the 10 triggers got Var2 inside them instead of Var1.]
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Re: Changing multiple variables in triggers.

Postby mrnat444 » 14 November 2017, 02:26

Another option would be some kind of automatic system (maybe you click something to confirm it) that adds a number to the end of variables/adds 1 to the number at the end of the variable when it's on a copy and pasted object, similar to how objects' numbers go up as you paste new ones.
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