Trigger ideas

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Trigger ideas

Postby darkstar 1 » 8 January 2017, 15:27

- 'Move the camera to character A (with speed B)' --> The screen will follow the selected character, with other words: you will see the character on your screen and the screen will follow that character.
The 'speed B' indicates the speed the camera moves from your avatar to the selected character.

- 'Move the camera to region or door A (with speed B)' --> Same as above but with regions or movables. The camera will also follow if the door or region moves.

- 'Record region A and display it in region B (when recording a display from another recording, this won't show up)' --> Records everything in region A and shows this recording in region B. Recordings won't be saved.

- 'Let character A say text B in a text bubble (text will also appear in chat window)'
- 'Let character A say text B in a text bubble (text won't appear in chat window)'
- 'Make text bubbles of character A hex colour B'
- 'Make text of character A hex colour B'
- 'Make text size of character A size B (text bubble will also change so the text fits in it)(size in chat window won't change)'
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Re: Trigger ideas

Postby mrnat444 » 12 January 2017, 02:37

Here are a few of mine

-Change gun A projectiles to B (this would combine all the current trigger action types which do this, and use a drop down list. It would also contain other projectiles like bugs, or plasma blasts)
-Play sound A at the center of region B (another improvement on current action types)
-Make slicing damage at region B with power of A hitpoints
-Make X speed at region B
-Make Y speed at region B
Move region A to gun B
-Move region A to player B's cursor
-Change gun A to gun B
-Change gun A fire rate to B
-Clone gun A at the centre of region B (keeps modifications)
-Set value of variable A to 1 if player is pressing B key on keyboard and 0 in else case
-Change all players in region A to skin B
-Set disabling of PSI swords of player A to B
-Change gun A bullet speed value to B
-Change gun A bullet penetration factor to B
-Change gun A max bullet life value to B
-Zoom game camera for player A to B % (percents)
-Set value of variable A to 1 if player types B in chat and 0 in else case
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