Ideas for PB2 or for PB 2.5...

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Ideas for PB2 or for PB 2.5...

Postby Build » 7 August 2019, 13:37


I Wanted that to be added and it would really be useful for some zombie maps.


Just like the snow in PB2 but with a rain sound you can also enable or disable thunder sound in Level Editor


If players or enemies touch it, It will brutally break the body of the player/enemy ( You can also change the damage too )

Now the best thing is
When we play an approved map for after 10-20 minutes it will automatically end the match and it will teleport's us to a new random approved PVP map just like the counter strike games but we can disable it when making a new match and if you disable it then the map will stay until all players leave the match.
that would be a cool concept.
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Re: Ideas for PB2 or for PB 2.5...

Postby MLG COOL DOMINIK » 7 August 2019, 16:51

Fog + Rain + buzzsaws = The ultimate saw map
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