Extended Blocking, PPP Top 100 Removal, disable acc, alias

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Extended Blocking, PPP Top 100 Removal, disable acc, alias

Postby iDomino » 19 January 2019, 23:27

Here's a couple ideas I collected:

So there's obviously the feature to block certain players from messaging you through the PB2 inbox. But why not make it that youre able to block a certain players in-game messages as well? It doesnt seem pretty hard since the censorship works in a similar way. Simply detect the login thats connected to the in-game username that you have chosen to be blocked and automatically censor every word. And no, "turn chat off or ignore them " isn't an option at all, because sometimes you want a talk without toxic players ranting around everywhere. With the games' "competitive" community members' tendency to toxicity that'd be a huge relief for those who simply come here to have a good time.

PPP Top 200 Removal

So basically, this is a rather quick idea I came up with, but why not remove the top 200 at all? This game was not made for the competitive scene and it is certainly difficult to create something for players to achieve. Obviously, you wouldn't ever remove the Top 100, but replace the list with something else. Something that's unique for PB2 and not based on other games' ranking systems. I think I've mentioned this earlier in a post.
My personal suggestion for a different ranking system would be "kills per minute" or "points per minute". You gain points based off of eliminations in approved maps, killing players that have atleast 1,000 kills recorded on their account and move during gunfights/show diverse movement whilst playing in public matches. Since farming is pretty much impossible right now and can be tracked down immediatly, why not extend PB2's anti farm system and make it detect detailed movement? This isnt far away from reality though, since killing afk players/the same player over and over again doesnt gain you points after a while. I won't go too much into detail here, since I want to keep this open for suggestions.

Last but not least I'd like to implement the option to disable your own account plus an "alias" feature that shows a list of accounts the user plays on based off the IP the account has registered with. Thanks for reading through :)
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